Attwater Consulting offers workshops for education and training, typically one to three days, that expand on tutorials by requiring real time practice by the student in executing actual real world examples to develop practical skills.  True learning comes from actually doing, and Attwater Consulting workshops exercise this concept.  Workshops are always presented in situ at your location, occasionally at professional society conferences and symposia, and are often used as revenue generating events for professional society chapters.  We can develop a very constructive workshop for your firm for most areas of project management, systems engineering, and risk management.

Example Workshop Titles:

  •     Dealing with Uncertainty in Systems Engineering
  •     Better Project Decisions Through Better Risk Assessments
  •     Introduction to Systems Engineering
  •     How to Use Monte Carlo Methods Effectively
  •     Using Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods
  •     Quantitative Risk Assessment

Attwater Consulting education and training helps your staff to perform at mastery levels few of your competitors can match.   Contact Us for more information on how an Attwater Consulting Workshop can help fine tune your Projects into assured successes.  We selectively accept assignments all over the world; language used is English.