Tutorial and Seminar Presentations

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Below is a list of some more recent tutorial and seminar presentations from Attwater Consulting.  (Caveat:  our tutorial and seminar presentations are guides to the material we present, and are not intended to stand alone.  But you should get a good idea from the list below of the content we provide in tutorials and seminars.)

Using Monte Carlo Methods Effectively - For Risk Management ... and the Rest of Systems Engineering - Half day tutorial, INCOSE Great Lakes Regional Conference, Mackinac Island, MI

Analytical Foundations for Reliability Assessment - Seminar, Society of Reliability Engineers, Houston, TX

Bayesian Reliability Analysis, What's All the Fuss - Half day tutorial, Big Sky, MT

Dealing with the Engineering Specialties - Seminar: Houston, TX

Practical Risk Management for Technical Projects - Half day tutorial, Big Sky, MT

Applying Statistical Decision Theory in Systems Engineering - Full day tutorial: Washington DC

New Methods for Realistically Assessing Safety - Seminar: Houston, TX

Minimum Cost Test and Verification - New Methods to Put the Assurance back in Quality - Seminar: Houston, TX

Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods - New Methods for Decision Making - Seminar: Houston, TX

Managing to Make Better Technical Decisions - You Don't Need to Rely on Gut Feel - Seminar: Houston, TX

Constellation Verification Requirements Training - Half day Tutorial: Nationwide Webinar

Development and Verification of Probabilistic Requirements - Half day Tutorial: Nationwide Webinar

Dealing with Uncertainty in Systems Engineering - Seminar and Tutorial, half day and full day: JPL, Pasadena, CA; Aberdeen and Glasgow, Scotland; Herzliya, Israel; Rochester, NY; Tampa, FL; San Diego, CA; NASA, Houston, TX

Using Risk Management to Boost and Enterprise's IQ - Tutorial: San Diego, CA

Quantitative Risk Assessment - Half day Tutorial: Utrecht, Netherlands

Establishing and Using Risk Management Effectively - Full day Tutorial: Singapore; Chicago, IL; Denver, CO

Advanced Concepts for Practicing Risk Management - A Tutorial on How to Avoid the Perils and Pitfalls - Half day Tutorial: Idaho Falls, ID

Debris Avoidance - A Delicate Balance of Risk, Emotion, and Mission Success - Seminar: Idaho Falls, ID; Houston, TX

Method to Employ Covariates in Risk Assessments - Seminar: Houston, TX; Big Sky, MT

Managing Risk on Large, Complex Projects - Seminar: Idaho Falls, ID

Risk Based Technology Portfolio Management - Seminar:  Houston, TX; Idaho Falls, ID

Developing Verification Requirements to Assure Project Success - Half day Tutorial: Chicago, IL

What Forest?  All I See are these SE Trees! - Half day Tutorial: Denver, CO

Better Project Decisions through Better Risk Assessments - Full day Tutorial: Houston, TX

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