Symposia and Conference Presentations

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Below is a sampling of symposia and conference presentations by Attwater Consulting.

Improving Project Management with Risk Assessments Using Bayesian Estimation - NASA Project Management Challenge, 2006; Galveston, TX

Risk Management Metrics - INCOSE International Symposium, 2005; Rochester, NY

Using Markov Chain Monte Carlo to Solve your Toughest Problems in Aerospace - AIAA Annual Technology Conference, 2010; Houston, TX

Cleaner Analysis: Quicker Decisions - Three Examples from Government - Decision Analysis Affinity Group, 2011; Houston, TX

Optimal Cost Preventative Maintenance Scheduling for High Reliability Aerospace Systems - IEEE Aerospace Conference, 2010; Big Sky, MT

Risk Assessment Sensitivities for Very Low Probability Events with Severe Consequences - IEEE Aerospace Conference, 2010; Big Sky, MT

Method for Detection and Confirmation of Multiple Failure Modes with Numerous Survivor Data - Aerospace Conference, 2011; Big Sky, MT

Method for Investigating Repair/Refurbishment Effectiveness - Aerospace Conference, 2011; Big Sky, MT

A New Method for Bounding Monte Carlo Convergence Errors - AIAA Annual Technology Symposium, 2012; Houston, TX

Medical Care in Space: The Challenges and Risks Space Travel and Colonization Pose for Medical Care, and How Life on Earth Can Benefit - INCOSE Great Lakes Regional Conference, 2016; Mackinac Island, MI

Cleaner Analysis =  Quicker and More Comfortable Decisions - Chevron Decision Analysis Forum, 2017; Houston, TX

Risk Management Planning - INFORMS, Houston Chapter Meeting, 2017

Pit 9, A Systems Engineering Success Story from the Energy Sector - Inaugural Texas Gulf Coast Systems Engineering Conference, 2017; Houston, TX

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