Systems Engineering

Rather than committing to the hire of a full time experienced Systems Engineer as a benefitted employee, contracting with Attwater Consulting for a short or long term Systems Engineering assignment on a 1099 basis (USA) can provide you with a much more experienced and effective Systems Engineer, without the time delay and risks associated with finding a full time hire, at about the same cost, for only the desired period of performance.

Attwater Consulting offers a full range of Systems Engineering services, spanning the entire project development life cycle.  Attwater Consultants embody a unique combination of full life cycle Systems Engineering experience, in multiple business arenas (including defense, energy, space, and commercial), with broad spectrum and in-depth technical analytical capabilities.  This enables a synergism to make your application of Systems Engineering much more effective.  

Attwater Consultants have practiced Systems Engineering from deep in the trenches up to the Chief Systems Engineering role, and perform real Systems Engineering, not technical clerical tasks.  Attwater Consultants fully understand the "why" behind everything that is done in the Systems Engineering discipline, and help those that work with them to understand as well.  Attwater Consultants have been providing advanced training in Systems Engineering since 1989 and have helped thousands of systems engineers perform better in their jobs.

Previous Attwater Consulting Systems Engineering Assignments

  • Requirements Definition and Management 
  • Interface Identification, Definition, and Management 
  • System Design Functional Decomposition, Analysis, Allocation, and Synthesis 
  • Systems Integration 
  • Validation and Verification 
  • Engineering Specialties Integration and Analyses 
  • Risk Management 
  • SE Management SEMP and other Management Plan Development Assistance, Project Technical Organization 
  • Configuration Management 
  • Oversight of Systems Engineering and Integration Contractors 
  • SE Training and Education:  Seminars, Workshops, Tutorials, and Courses

Attwater Consultants provide the very best and most insightful performance of Systems Engineering for your industry and development process.   Contact Us for more information on how an Attwater Consultant can help fine tune your Projects into assured successes.  We selectively accept short term and long term assignments all over the world; language used is English.