Attwater Consultants have been involved in new business acquisition for almost 40 years.  We have worked on small sole-source proposals, all the way up to multibillion major DoD, DOE, and NASA acquisitions.  Our roles have ranged from simple contributing author, up to proposal manager, with a lot of proposal review experience as well.  We also have experience on both sides of the equation, as supplier providing the proposal, and as customer requesting and evaluating proposals and awarding contracts.

The assignments Attwater Consulting normally accept relative to new business are usually for proposal contributing authorship, technical and management volume manager, review team member, and review team coordinator.

Proposal Authorship:  Attwater Consultants easily write in the style needed for successful proposals - first person, active voice, short and complete sentences.  It is often quite difficult for most engineers to write in this style.  As such, Attwater Consultants have accepted assignments to rewrite entire 500 page technical volumes that were originally authored by over seventy engineers, using the correct proposal style and obviously making the proposal sound like it came from a single author.  We can do this for you.

Volume/Proposal Management:  Attwater Consultants are at heart Systems Engineers, who realize that a Request For Proposal is a requirements document.  As technical and volume manager, we perform a thorough requirements analysis of every RFP as a first step in our development of a compliance matrix.  It is not unusual if we are called into a proposal effort late (post RFP release) to find that the already developed outline is not in compliance with the RFP.  We cannot guarantee a winning proposal, but we do guarantee an RFP compliant proposal when we manage a volume or the entire proposal.  Far too many good proposals are eliminated early because of non-compliance with the RFP.  Our proposal management philosophy is focused around action art (about 50%, not tables or bullet lists) that communicates our winning themes and competitors ghosts.

Proposal Review Team Member:  It is not unusual for proposal review team members read the RFP for the first time on the plane into town to participate in a review.  Attwater Consultants only accept a proposal review team assignment if we are able to start early enough to perform the same requirements analysis on the RFP that we would do as a volume or proposal manager.  Without that in depth understanding of the requirements contained in an RFP, we do not feel that it is possible to provide a review that will be useful.  We request discussions of the intended themes and ghosts, competitive analysis, and the RFP compliance matrix in order to provide useful constructive review comments.  Our proposal reviews are often so effective that we are retained to help implement the changes indicated by the review.

Proposal Review Team Coordinator:  As coordinator of a review, Attwater Consultants assure that all proposal review team members are as prepared as we want to be when we are reviewing a proposal.  Assignments as proposal review team coordinator usually begin at RFP release at a low level of advisory support to the writing team, ramping up to full time support during the two weeks before any review.

Attwater Consulting can significantly improve your chances of a proposal win.   Contact Us for more information on how an Attwater Consultant can help turn your new business acquisition efforts into assured successes.  We selectively accept assignments all over the world; language used is English.