Independent Engineering Assessments

Attwater Consultants have a solid foundation in physics, mathematics, and engineering.  Our broad range of practical experience includes mechanical, electrical, electronic, software, signal processing, statistics, spacecraft/missile trajectory and attitude determination, GN&C, telemetry, orbital debris avoidance, Kalman Filter design and implementation, laser ranging, vibrational analysis (PSD, SRS), missile countermeasures, BMD midcourse discrimination, Engineering Specialties, Risk Management, C4I, Modern and Robust Control, ASW, Inertial Navigation Integration, PRA, digital and analog circuit design, printed circuit board design, instrumentation, computer interfaces, and environmental remediation.  

This very broad range and diversity of applied technical experience provides a synergism to Attwater Consulting, we can see aspects of problems that others who have spent careers working in a less diverse set of technologies and arenas, perhaps in a single field, just will not see.  This enables true independent engineering assessments for a wide range of projects.  The analytical and numerical methods Attwater Consultants use provide true Independence if you need a second look at a solution for a tough problem where uncertainty is involved.

Attwater Consulting also offers Expert Witness services for litigation where engineering assessments are fundamental to the case.

What Makes Attwater Consulting Independent Assessments Unique

Attwater Consulting couples our broad physics and engineering base with the same unique approach that we use in RAM/Engineering Specialty Analyses, and in solving impossible Risk Analyses and Assessment problems - Bayesian approaches coupled with use of Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods.  Attwater Consultants have solved a number of difficult problems, and many of the types of engineering assessments we provide are documented in some of our recent papers.  The hallmarks of the unique approach taken by Attwater Consultants is to use all the available data, including data that most others (including most COTS tools) must discard, and avoid bias by developing solutions without the use of any unnecessary assumptions.  This always results in easy, quick, and comfortable decision making about what to do to solve your problem, at risk levels that are tolerable.

Attwater Consultants provide truly independent engineering assessments that draw from experience in a broad range of problem domains that help you insure your project from peril.   Contact Us for more information on how an Attwater Consultant can help fine tune your Projects into assured successes using Independent Engineering Assessments.  We selectively accept short term and long term assignments all over the world; language used is English.