Graduate Level Courses

Attwater Consulting offers full semester graduate level courses in Systems Engineering, Risk and Risk Management, Probability and Statistics, and Decision Theory and Analysis.  All graduate level courses offered by Attwater Consulting have been taught at prestigious universities by Attwater Consultants as part of a graduate degree program.  

Graduate Level Courses consist of 40+ hours of lectures over a period of no less than 10 weeks to no more than 15 weeks, with homework, self-study, and testing.  To attain graduate level mastery of graduate level material requires step by step building of skills with substantial soak time between increments of instruction, with real world practice through homework and evaluation of attained skill levels through testing.  The weekly time requirement for success by the student in these courses is typically around 10-15 non-distracted hours of lecture, homework, and study.  Courses may be provided in situ at your location, partially at your location with the balance distance web based, and some may be totally distance web based, depending on topic.  Most courses can be tailored to your business and industry culture, and your specific needs for your staff.

Graduate Level Course Offerings

Introduction to Systems Engineering

Requirements Development

System Design, Functional Analysis, Allocation, Decomposition, and Architecture Synthesis

Integration, Validation, and Verification

Probability and Statistics for Systems Engineers

Discrete Event Simulation

Continuous Event Simulation

Systems Engineering Management

Decision and Risk Analysis for Complex Systems

Applied Statistical Decision Theory

Risk and Risk Management

Integration of the Engineering Specialties

Attwater Consulting education and training helps your staff to perform at mastery levels few of your competitors can match.   Contact Us for more information on how an Attwater Consulting Tutorial can help fine tune your Projects into assured successes.  We selectively accept assignments all over the world; language used is English.