About Us

Attwater Consulting is an independent contracting firm founded in 1999 to provide services in Project Management, Systems Engineering, Risk Assessments, and New Business Acquisition.  Attwater is very selective in accepting consulting assignments; we only accept those where we can make a real difference, solve some problem others find impossible, supply unique synergistic insights, and inspire and be inspired.  One of our objectives is to always leave the client with insight and knowledge beyond what they had before an Attwater assignment.  

The list below contains the types of assignments we consider, with more details available through the associated links.  If you have an exciting challenge, Contact us, we can solve those tough problems that you or others might abandon, and we can improve your bottom line.

Primary Services:
       Coaching/Mentoring of Chief Systems Engineers and Project Managers
       Systems Engineering
       Risk Analyses/Assessments/Management
       Asset Management/Productivity (RAM, Logistics, Safety)
       Engineering Specialty Analyses (the "ilities")
       Education and Training
       Speaking Engagements
       Independent Engineering Assessments
       Proposals - Writing, Management, Reviews

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